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Entry For Ludum Dare 36 - The theme was Ancient Technology

I chose Morse Code for my ancient Tech, and i made this little space adventure game, Morris is an astronaut who is lost in space on each level he is presented with 6 portals 5 of them will kill him 1 will advance him to the next level.

By Decoding the Morse Code in the audio you will be able to choose the correct portal.

This is fun to play as a team you will need to google a chart that will help you decode the Morse code and you'll need a pen and paper to write down the answer, this could also work well played through a stream so someone viewing could decode the morse.

My original Intention was to include a document with the download which included a chart but time got the better of me i will try to add this at later date.

The Game was built with Shoot Em Up Kit, a program i have been using a lot for jamming recently and i really like it you can create a lot more than just Shmups with it.

The Graphics where done in Photoshop and everything else was built in Shoot Em Up Kit's Particle Editor.

The Sound was Made with a Morse Code Gen and Magix

Controls - just cursors and left Ctrl or you can play with a pad (Alot Harder)

If Playing alone Headphones Reccomended.

This game was a bit experimental and was fun to put together.


MorseCodeMorris.zip 7 MB

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